Monday, October 20, 2008

My sister was looking for a refrigerator- what can be better excuse than this, for me to jump into the "internet pool", looking for some cool designs ?!
Well, first of all, I came accross SMEG's colourful and very cool refrigerators. SMEG has all sort of contemporary designs, but I prefer those 50's retro:

If you want to show either patriotism or style, you should check out these:And this is a great way for those of you who like to match everything ;-))

If you're looking for a bit more "masculine" design- look no further than TEN50 DESIGNS (now known as "Heartland Appliances"). Most of the designs look like something taken out of the bikers world (and so does the price...):

Sometimes, men like to get in touch with their feminine side (not the men I know...but I've heard they exist...on the other hand- that's what they say about Bigfoot). Anyway, for you, and for us, women, LG, has come up with these delicate, artistic floral designed refrigerators, designed by Ha Sang-rim, as part of the Gallery Kitchen concept scheme :

Talking about artistic refrigerators, here are a couple of Israeli examples, by AMCOR-ART (AMPA). Once you're fed up with them, all you have to do is change the door:


Adorn Me jewelry said...

Wow! These refrigerators are wild!! Very cool.

Tias said...

I love the fridges...But they need to live in an amazing contemporary house. I can't imagine one of those beauties in my old fashioned kitchen...Not fair!!