Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I don't get to blog much these days (maybe it's lack of "inspiration"...;-))
But, I do want to share with you one of my passions- the retro/vintage posters...
I love old commercials and posters. There's something so naive and innocent about them, and yet- you can find a lot of humor in them. Here are several examples you can find on (I especially love the witty ones):

You can also find the artistic ones, that are influenced by all sorts of popular styles in art:Like many times before- I'd like to recommend an ISRAELI company, who deals with this style (amongst others). They are called TALUPO and they've got some really cool and fun stuff:
Here's a fellow ETSYian, "Gemini Studio", whose posters I like a lot:
I could have shown you so many others, but I hope I've made you want to look for them by yourselves...